omnis+ gathers insights from over 50,000 properties listed locally monthly. It uses sophisticated intelligence algorithms to gather insights, from Big Data on the web, validate them and finally computing complex calculations and various metrics to provide the property valuations. If you want to know an estimate value of any property type in any location, omnis+ will give you the answer.

Price Estimate

omnis+ will tell you the price 'Estimate' and also the minimum and maximum price range. The statistical feature will also show the price trends over the past months.

Every month the current market properties are re-analysed and analysis metrics are re-calculated. So every month omnis+ will learn more and improve its calculations.


Alerts enable users to receive updates when there are changes in the estimate price of a property they searched for.The system supports multiple Alerts.


omnis+ is developed and supported by the highly skilled software engineers of Holistic Solutions.


The estimate values provided are calculated on the market prices of properties collected over the internet, so they should be treated as 'estimates' only. The data supplied by users will remain anonymous and only aggregate values will be shown.


In-Depth Analysis

Companies which require more in-depth information from omnis+ , please contact us.

Other Market Analysis

omnis+ can also analyze data from other sectors, not just Real Estate. For any other analysis needs please contact us.

Investors & Partners

omnis+ is a live and complex project with an extensive feature list to be released in the following months. We are willing to hear from investors who would be interested to invest in such project and partners who would like to provide omnis+ in their respective regions.
  • I found the omnis+ web site very useful for me as a financial auditor. I audit the financial statements of a number of property companies and due to the high cost of valuers, always found it difficult to ensure that the stock of properties for sale are valued correctly. The other option is to waste large amount of time looking at different websites. Your website is a great help for my audit firm and it increased the efficiency and accuracy of my work.

    Author image
    • Sandro Grech
    • Sole Practitioner at SG Malta
  • After taking the initial decision of selling a 2 Car Garage, the next thing that came to mind was, how much similar properties are being evaluated for in the Maltese market at the moment? As a friend of mine suggested, I checked omnis+ and got my answer in seconds.

    Author image
    • Joseph Mifsud
    • Retired
  • Me and my wife had been living in an apartment for almost 3 years, when we decided to invest into a bigger property. The first thing to do was to see the current market value of the apartment. Thanks to omnis+ an estimate value was immediately given, meaning that it has saved us time and money.

    Author image
    • Melvin Cutajar
    • IT Manager


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